How Shine Works

Shine is a free self-care app that feels like a daily pep talk in your pocket. Whether you’re stressed, overwhelmed, anxious—Shine will remind you “I got this.”

  1. Set a self-care goal and get personalized 7-day audio challenges and self-improvement audio tracks to help you grow on the go.

  2. Join over 3 million people who start every Monday-Friday morning with a Shine Text—a motivational message with research-backed advice and affirmations that work for your world.

  3. Make Shine a part of your daily routine. Increased use of Shine is associated with lower rates of anxiety and depression. When surveyed, 96% of users said that Shine helps them feel more confident.

I love receiving my daily Shine Texts! Every day it uplifts my mood and helps me to accept where I'm at in my life.

Alex F.

Shine doesn't send me fluffy B.S. in the morning — they're real, straight-up texts about what's going on in my life.

Lilly Singh

It's like having a best friend in my pocket that always knows just what I need to hear. Shine Text helps me start my mornings off like a boss.

Michelle L.

Get the Shine app

Upgrade your self-care routine with our iOS app, helping you grow one Shine Text or Shine Talk at a time.

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